Good day friends. I hope your day fares well. You will be blessed after reading this story.

I went home to visit and surround myself with the physical presence of my family and while I was there, I got an amazing revelation that I will like to share with you all. May you all be blessed.

It was a Friday morning and the feeling of waking up and stepping out was so refreshing for me. I went out for a short walk and the environment was quite peaceful and silent and it looked to me like a Saturday morning.

I went for my short walk around the neighborhood and came back to meet the house bustling with activities. So, coming home, and being the youngest one in the house I had to do the basic chores and this includes cleaning of the house and washing of the dishes.

I cleaned the house with a smile on my face, mopping and cleaning every dusty area of the house. And so, after doing this, I went to the kitchen to wash and dry the dishes. And while doing this, there was some plates that all I had to do was scrub it once and it was clean, but there were others that I had to wash two to three times before they were cleaned and sparkling white.

And this amazing thought dropped into my mind, I know it was from the Holy Spirit.

I realize that this is the same way the Lord deals with every aspect of our life. He sees us individually, without the façade we usually wear to protect our dignity from the world and in his love, he decides to take us up and make us clean.

He fills us with his light and wash away every dead-end ideas in our life, clean out all our diseased philosophies, our broken promises, our darkened mindsets and twisted dreams. Sometimes, he has to do this more than once, washing us patiently until we are clean, sparkling white and mirroring his righteous nature. He washes away every dark spots out of our life until we totally resemble the people we are meant to be.

So, Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. And the more we open ourselves to his Love, the more we look like him.
Thank you.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.