Good day friends. I love you all. I believe you will be blessed by this story. Enjoy!

This is a story of a time when I stayed with my family in a forested area in Nigeria. I can remember the moments we spent together in that naturic environment like today, everywhere was green and the reflection of the sun’s rays on the leaves of the trees was just golden in my sight. I remember sucking in the fresh air that was blowing so peacefully, so free from dust and the polluted oxygen of industrialized areas.

This was a time when my family went into farming. The resources was there and the lands were in abundance, rich and full of life. We wake up early to till the ground and it was joyous moment in my life. The act of creating life from something as small as a seed. It was just beautiful, for whenever I see the first green bud shoot-out of the ground, I am happy and appreciates the time, energy and resources we put into it. 

I never realized until now the expressive truth that was embedded in the process when a man decides to plant in the ground and the process it goes through before it comes to maturity and bears fruits.

I realized that the soil has to be softened before planting and watering of the seed has to be done before a seed can take root. It needs to be planted in the right soil and if we can’t find this type of soil, we have to improve and create this soil from a mix of different soils. Not all seeds can be planted in the same soil. But that not all there is to it, it has to be planted at the right time and right season, why? Because too much heat could dry the life out of it, when all it needs it the watery spring of the season to feed it the coolness of nature. It needs the right amount of sunlight. It needs to be checked regularly to check its growth and state of life; if it is growing well with time or if there are some irregularities in its growth.

So, remembering all this, I remembered it is the same in our life. We need to be planted in the right environment, we need to be social enough to gain maturity in different aspect of our life. We need to start some things in our life at the right time and season. We all need the right amount of exposure to life, friends, people, family, rights and wrongs and success and failure.

We all need to check our life daily. We all have to have people that can check in on us and find us accountable in everything we do. And when all this is in place, the seed has no other choice but to grow.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.