Our eyes are  sharp like a razor's teeth,
And the strength in our arms is like steel
When we behold another man's sin,
At the time when they are frail and weak.

Our blood is red and hot like brimstone,
And our dark thoughts are bereft of light
When we see a scarred man, all alone,
At times when life is not on his side.

We carry the judgment in our hands,
And on our sultry tongues lies abound.
And when the Word saw this side of man,
He wrote truths on the face of the ground.

How long will you carry the old stones,
That speaks of your righteousness and pride?
Why not gently drop your ancient stones,
Ere you end souls that can see the light?

How long will you hold this old stones high,
That speaks of your pain and dark intent?
Why not drop all the stones of the past,
Ere you end souls that just need your smile?

How high will you raise the ancient stones,
That speaks of the pride on your cold face?
Why not let fall all your earthly stones,
And give the hopeless man one more chance?

Drop the ancient stones, while there is light
To see the light that is in all men.
Drop the old stones before you condemn
A soul that has time to see the light.

©Okunola Peace.