Do we all remember our childhood? The fun we had. The joy we derived from playing those games that to our young minds was a pure taste of heaven.

Do you remember that game we played, where we will tie a strip of cloth over our eyes, with rows of plastic balls arranged and spaced from each other a few meters from where we are standing with other contestants.

Our natural sight is taken momentarily and we are expected to seek and gather as many plastic balls as possible and drop them in a bucket. And do you remember that before a strip of cloth is tied over our eyes, we clearly see the arrangement, the spacing and the direction of the balls, but the moments the strip of clothes is placed over our face, we then lose sight and direction? It was fun to watch because of how often a contestant miss a ball so close to his or her reach, sometimes crawling on bended knees on the quest to find plastic balls.

The world is in a season and the light of God is what we individually need to stay focus and purposeful, without being trapped by the spirit of fear and confusion.

God is the ultimate director of the life of a man and asking for God’s direction in the place of prayer is the only place to start from. There is no better place to be than in the center of God’s will.

The voices of the world is too much, ready to influence you and direct your path in life. God has inscribed us on the palm of his hands, and is ready to lead us, but this depends on us first asking for his leading, because he will never force it on us.
When God directs us, nothing can distract, destroy, discourage, defeat and disappoint us from the path God leads us through, because the Holy Spirit that we have received, speaks to us and strengthens us daily.

If you acknowledge God in all your ways, he will make your ways straight, and like the path of the righteous, your path will shine brighter and brighter until full day.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.