You drop in the cool of the morning
On the face of the pleasant meadow
While the wind is cold and wintry,
And the brown sun is still asleep.

You are covered in no color I can see,
But pure like the water we happily drink.
You are divine, an essence of light
That congeals before man could behold it.

When I walk the path of my garden green
In the dawn of another priceless day,
I see you, lying down on the hay
In your favorite form of liquid.

In the early hour of the morning,
You are clearly seen on every home,
And in the late hour of the evening,
You make your bed on every rooftops.

I have tasted you before,
O! Watery daughter of the spring;
You are always cold and sweet,
And makes my tongue to desire for more..

©Okunola Peace.