My mother is frail and fragile,
And has lost the grace to smile.
And my father O' my dear father,
Who works to make my life better.

One day, while I carry a pale of water,
I saw an invention in the distance,
Riding on the foundation of deep space,
And on the wings of light and electricity.

I had a cloth wrapped over my breast,
And a blue gown wrapped around my waist.
O' how my head tie flutter in the air,
As I left the embrace of the mountain fair.

I descended the top of the mountain,
And suddenly, the breath of the air for miles
Changed and i could not help but smile,
For all I see is a priceless tool of gain.

I saw a vision from above
On how to help the world below
That feelings of hate may become love,
And that poverty may be brought low.

So, while there is still strength in my limbs,
I will live life of impact and blessing
That my body, lips, hands and mind
May bear fruits in the whole wide land.

©Okunola Peace.