Have you ever seen a gathering where diverse people of different age and genders are eating? Have you seen and compared the quantity of food of a child to a full grown man or woman? The difference is very glaring and I would like to capitalize on that difference with you as I write. Enjoy and be blessed.

It was a beautiful morning in my haven located within the confine of Nigeria many years ago and all things were alive with the activity of the day; the house was cleaned, the clothes were washed and the body underwent the usual cleaning process. Then, when all was done and settled in terms of chores and hygiene,

We all gathered around the dining table for the meal that will be placed in front of us. It was a time we were all waiting for. Who doesn’t like a well prepared meal? I do! I’m sure you do too.

And like young and delightful children full of innocence and beauty, we dug into the food with fervor and childlike energy. In a matter of minutes, we swept the plates clean. Don’t be surprised, when you eat my mum’s delicacy, you will not know the moment you will finish the food. It will be like coming out of a dream.

The funniest thing that day was that after we were done sweeping our plates clean, we turned to face our mum on the other side of table, our plates stretched towards her and our eyes communicating the need for more of her delicacy.

She heed our request with a smile on her face and we were not surprised when our dad also requested for more with his rueful smile directed towards our mother. The meal was short, but we savored every moment of it. After clearing the table and washing the plates, we all went to our different rooms to keep ourselves busy, but while the rest were full of energy, I wanted to sleep because I was busy reading the other night and sleep I did.

Looking back now, I remember our hunger for a good meal and it made realize something. When something is good, sweet and amazing, you always desire more of it. This is the same way we should hunger for more of the presence of God. Why? Because it is the sweetest thing we will ever taste.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.