Naked at childhood, we played with earth,
And laugh at the ignorance of the rain to our delight,
As we dance amidst the tears of his anger and mirth,
Till the street is scrubbed clean by watery hands.
But clothed in adulthood, we are a sight to behold—
By our loved ones and the watchful eyes of the immortals,
For the price of our mastered skills of gold
Are written all over us like sharp strokes on a canvas,
And when all our process through life are stacked together,
The coil of our first family shall lightly slumber,
As we hear the song a new life deeply ring in our ears
Until the moment of goodbyes and hearty tears,
Then who can fight fate or the bond of faith,
O! Sons and daughters of creation?
So if our power cannot stop the songs their hearts call,
Let us not end the story that the heart wishes to tell.

©Okunola Peace.