The world is vast and wide, and the path are long and short,
And to brave the waves and storms that blows on every side,
The eyes must see greater distance and the mind, into higher heights,
As we do not live within the lives of the ancients past.

When the earth was still young, our ancestors heed nature's law,
As their songs were  songs of reverence and awe;
As the trees sing and the sky rumbles, and all was milder
Than the taste of water that makes the body bold and stronger.

A loving man must journey through the tide,
For the love he dearly pursue with fatherly pride,
Can only be sustained on the altar of love, honor and truth,
And the hunger to make his partner's heart more tender.

Let us brave the silent sea and the depth of the raging deep,
That our new stars and sultry tales may bring noble tears
To the wearied hearts and make our golden years
Birth a good seed in the minds of our disobedient offspring.

This young man knows that a seed does not just grow into a tree,
He knows the ground is hard and the sky may refuse to pour down his rain,
But if his sweat and tears can soften the ground, and make the gods envy,
Then he shall gladly bear his burden till the end of the road.

©Okunola Peace.