The morning breath was fresh as it blows through the curtains into my room and I curled and enjoyed its windy embrace. It was a bright day with the sun out in full bloom and I groggily rose off the bed to see how the world outside is moving.

Because of the pestilence roaming about in the whole wide world, I have made time to watch the news and follow the news trend on the internet and various social media platforms and the question that is at the back of my mind and on the fore front of my lips ready to be spewed forth is “What can I do?”

I saw the vegetables and flowers planted in the grooves made along the fence dancing in the wind with their leaves, bud and petals shining bright and I was filled with joy. I also looked in the direction of the compounds on the other side of the street and I saw everywhere bustling with activities; chores were being done, the little children were already playing and chasing themselves around and the adults, amazingly were gisting and putting a smile on each other’s faces as if there is no lockdown in place and what you and I can do suddenly came to me:

Every phone call we make, every text we make, every email we send and share, every song we sing, every video we post and every activity we do to bring a smile to another man’s or woman’s face is a gift to be treasured and cherished.

And when you do all this, radiate it with your love, surround it with your peace and fill it with your joy. Use it wisely and with understanding to reach out to friends and family, use it to elevate the spirit, soul and body of those that surrounds you.

Because it is through the peace that passes all understanding that we can be free from the troubles of this times. It is through the joy unspeakable that we can be anxious for nothing. And greatest of the all, which is love, it is through love that our faith and hope is strengthened, it is only the love of God that can provide for our insufficiency. It is the love of God that will help us through this season that we may not be clouded by the fear that has become the new most-prized currency. It is the love that we share with others that will give us all the grace to stand as we weather the storm of the season.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.