Release to me the secrets
Hidden on your dark lips.
Release to me the beauty
Hidden under your dark skin.
Let me drink O! Let me drink
From the endless river of your love
Where the breeze of your shallow breath
Whispers of a place hidden from me
Where your liquid laughter taste like wine
And your beauty is brighter than the sun.

Let me pamper you, àgbéké!
As a mother pamper her son.
Let me adorn you with kisses
Until every inch of your skin
Bears the shape of my dark lips.
Let me pamper you, òlólúfé!
Until our beautiful castle
Bears the trophies of your dreams
And the memory of our meeting
Kindles only love, joy and peace.

I pant for you, òbínrín Iná!
As the brook pants for water.
All I see in the morning is you,
And in the night, your bright shadow
Gliding along the edge of the glade.
Look at me and love me
As I cover every inch of you
With red roses and sweet flowers
That the sun and moon gave me
To bless our lovely union.

©Okunola Peace.
—Epistle of Ahavati.

Agbeke – It means one carried in order to pet.