In the garden of love,
I long to taste your lips
And forget my worries
In the reality of your embrace.
The gods are my witness!
I long to breathe your essence
And eat your light like food
Until we are burning like fire
At the height that passion brings,
Leaving nothing but the honey of love
Smeared over our bodies like cream.

You have aroused my passion
With the twinkling of your eyes.
Let us lie under the colorful trees
As I break into the incison
Between your black and shapely thighs.
You have aroused my desire
With the happiness in your eyes.
Let me be the only noble knight
With access to the milk of your breast
That I may milk and drink you dry.

Take the keys of my heart
And drink from the well of my soul.
I was once like the void in the sky
Until your starry smile
Breathe endless light into me
To transform me with grace
And enchant me with sweetness.
I asked only that you give me your hand,
But you surprised me again
And gave me the keys of your heart.

©Okunola Peace.
—Epistle of Ahavati.

Ànìké – It means a child that was born to be pampered.