Dear Nurses,

You are a wonder and the heart of every health organization, beating steadily that everything may run smoothly.
You are full of love and empathy, always working at unbelievable hours so that you may care for the sick and injured.
You are our friend, always ready to listen to us talk while you take care of us. In every cold hospital room, your are rubies, cut out of the sun, full of warmth and light.
You are strong, stronger than we are; always keeping a brave face when the patients insult you, when the patients cannot clean up themselves, when the kids treat you like maids, when the doctors expect you to get them everything and when everybody expects you to have an answer to every question.
You are all fearless like the mighty warriors of old, for without you, the health organization will have collapsed a long time ago.
We can always see the sheen of tears behind your eyes, we can always see your noble hearts in the determination that you use to do all things and we always see your kindness in your noble smiles.
You see death on daily basis and are still strong for us all. You see hearts shatter on daily basis and are still bright and beautiful for the rest of us living.
You witness pain, grief and sorrow everyday and still manage to thrive through it.
Do you know how amazing and special you are? Your long hours of work is not long enough to cripple you.
Thank you for everything. You are all beautiful and precious like the light of the day. We will always remember you all for caring for us with love.

©Okunola Peace.