A dear brother and friend
Who makes me laugh and smile
And turns my dark night to a bright day;
Aye! We have laughed at funny tales
And made fun of each other;
We have smiled over grass-grown lands
Where sleeps the memories of our early days.
And staring at the man you have become;
Your eyes are a window into divinity
Where every woman would love to be drawn into;
The words of your mouth are sweet,
As sweet as the lyrics of our favorite song;
I remember your twerks and model moves
Which are intoxicating and graciously learnt.

When you model and walk across the aisle,
The queenly hearts are always dazzled,
Caught up in the rhythm of your body,
And when you sing with your lovely voice,
It is like the sound of many waters,
Calling forth the voice of worship
As you sing high and deep calls unto deep.
And if I must have a friend
To share all my secrets with,
I would gladly whisper them into your ears;
If I must have a friend
To share all my philosophies and faith with,
I would gladly choose you.

©Okunola Peace.