You took my joy
And drained it of the warmth of life
As you inflicted me with unholy pain.
I thought all men were not the same
Until you rudely defiled my temple
And broke into the incision between my thighs.
Can a man be this wicked?
You saw tears in my eyes
But you took my wealth all the same.
You saw me writhing in pain
Beneath your steely hold,
But you crushed my honor all the same.

I had special dreams
For how I would be deflowered,
But you took it all away
And left a shell cracked in many places.
Should I commit suicide?
For my shame is too great to bear
And nothing seems to balm my pain.
My body feels betrayed—
Who would have thought
That a moment of passion and love
Could be defiled and ruined
In the most unholy of ways?

My side is bleeding, ragged with dirts.
My eyes are bruised, leeking bitter tears.
I weep O! Let the world hear
And drink from the cup of my fear.
Where is my pride?
Where is my virtue and dignity?
For my life has fallen apart
When you betray my trust
And betray it against my wishes
As you robbed me of my smile
And the wealth of my innocence;
You took away my warmth
And left me cold and bereft of life.

My temple weeps
And bleeds of the virtues lost.
You have broken me
And destroyed the happy days of the past.
Will I ever be whole again?
For you have sated your appetite
With the cursed intimacy of our joining.
If devil has a face, then he wears yours;
You are wicked and I hate you.
I would have wished you death,
But even death is not punishment enough.
Maybe hell is punishment enough,
But I strongly doubt it.

©Okunola Peace.