There is one thing I love about the rainy season, it is the cool sensation that permeates the air and makes it breezy and wintry. When rain falls, am I the only one that experiences slumber in a new dimension? I guess not. I am sure it is time when we all can’t wait to sleep and bask in the comforting sensation of the wintry atmosphere anytime it rains.

So, after enjoying a good night rest and curling and stretching in every angle possible, I rose up at the compelling light of the sun, prayed and prepared for another blissful day. I wore a nice shirt and a tight blue jeans, and my outfit for that day was complimented with sneakers.
I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed into the business of Lagos. If you dwell in Lagos or have heard about the place, you will know it is a city where there is never a dull moment. I was full of joy that day, gallantly gallivanting across the road like a colossus that has just finished feasting.

I was so hopeful that day, listening to Jonathan Mcreynolds songs with my earpiece plugged into my ears. Laughs! Suddenly, I slipped on a wet surface and landed in a puddle. I was jarred and looked to find myself splattered and caked in mud. It was not a funny scene. Why? I was an interesting spectacle, but glory to God that I was still close to home. It was very easy to play indifference and head home to quickly shower and change.

But something happened before I left the scene; I was about heaving myself into a sitting position and I saw the beauty of the sun and the heavenly bodies from a different position. I was very sure that I saw the outline of an angel smiling down at me from above and that sight alone made my day, making me to walk home happily, not minding the stare of onlookers.

I realized something that day, sometimes you have to slip or fall into the mud for you to see your mistake or a situation from another perspective. Sometimes, you have to be in a position of weakness for the strength of God to manifest in all its glory;

Balaam had to fall flat on the ground for him to see that the journey he embarked upon to curse the Israelites was not approved by God, giving him a chance to repent and make his way right with God.

And look at Apostle Paul, he also had to fall off his horse to the ground in order to see Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus and through this, he saw the light of God and became adopted into the chosen generation.

The truth is, there are times we must be humbled to see life in a new light and gain maturity through it.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.


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    .... sometimes, we must be humbled...to see new light.