Beauty is the lamp of the heart,
And when her color shines bright;
The world will see her shape
Full of charm and good grace.

If beauty is a measure of a woman's look
And the smoothness of her skin;
Why then do we not measure the writings
Written in a book by its cover?
Why then does it takes virtue and character
For us to know who is good or evil?

If beauty is measured by the look
And the smoothness of a woman's skin,
Why then do their eyes tell different tales?
And their lips different songs?

I have stopped weighing beauty by sight
And I have wore the attire of patience.
And so, like a wise hunter,
I shall let their habits and character
Reveal the truth behind their comeliness.

And one day, if fate finds me worthy,
I shall find the true essence of beauty
And the good and virtuous nature
That springs from the well of the heart.

©Okunola Peace.