Good day friend, it is a nice day and I hope you are making the best of it. This is a new story and I want us to enjoy it together.

We now live in a world where mobile gadgets are the real deal. If you don’t have one or does not use one of the latest tools or gadgets, you might be left out of the latest trends in town or in the world. And one of the most important gadget is the mobile phone.

I remember a day like every other beautiful day, I plugged my charger into the socket fixed into the wall and started charging my phone with a new charger I bought the previous day and left the room to do some other things around the house, and coming back to check on it an hour later, I realized the battery percentage had hardly moved. I was shocked. What could be wrong?

I started giving excuses like, maybe the phone is trying to get accustomed with the new charger, maybe the electricity flowing through it is not strong enough. Laughs!
But I realized later in the day that my ideas were wrong and I had to make a quick run to the utility store to purchase a new charger.

No doubt you know where this story is heading right?

When it comes to the health of my phone, I'm much interested and concerned. So I went to purchase another one, and at the same time I was expressing my displeasure to the woman selling the gadgets. She was nodding her head at me and mumbling ‘sorry’. I get the gist that I was not the first to purchase a faulty charger.

So, after a sizeable discount, I purchased a faster charger and it was purely amazing. My phone charged faster and the battery lasted longer. Who would have thought?

Looking back now, I thought,

Why the excuses?

Why didn’t I just accept the fact that my charger was bad?

Because as human beings we like to give excuses. We don’t just give excuses, we thrive on it. We like the assurance we derive from giving excuses when we choose not to do some things or to do them at a later time. For instance, we like using sentences like: "I will do it later, it's because of…, it wasn't my fault, it is not necessary" etc.
But excuses makes a man run from his responsibilities and heap the failure of his situation on someone else, which is wrong! Excuses are the reason why most people quit when they are almost close to their destiny. You will hear people say things like: "if he had mixed it well, we wouldn’t be in this situation, if the government had not increased the tax, I wouldn’t have had to do this" etc. I am sure we get the gist.

There is a simple question everyone that thrives on excuses needs to ask themselves:
What is the solution?
How can we move forward?
If I do this now, will I lose or gain?
Do I dare continue?
If I continue in the path that I tread, is there hope for me?

This questions are just a guide to ignore the voice of excuses when it comes. The best fail-safe is the voice of God. He is the one who brings it to our consciousness that we are making excuses that often times proof disastrous to our growth. It is not possible to change overnight, but the effectual adjustment of a man to a new truth avails much.

And the most beautiful thing about God is that he guides us in the way we should go and supplies us with strength when we are weary and weak.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.


  1. Thank you Kenzo. It is much appreciated to know that it is well enjoyed.

  2. Awesome Bro 👍

    Procrastinating and Excuses are one of the major setbacks of life.

    1. Yes sir. You're right.
      We need to take responsibility for all our actions.