I remember when the pestilence that is currently ravaging the world was  first discovered. Not only did it put to shame the knowledge of science and its advancement, it also rendered the most powerful of nations powerful. 

Who would have thought? Who would have imagined? But it happened.

I remember the panic that spiked like wildfire in the hearts of men, great and small, rich and poor. It is was not pleasant, because it became one of the situations that we couldn't control. It became a situation science was not the only solution. Wisdom was needed to navigate the season and the knowledge we acquired over the years was needed to help us live in faith and not fear.

I remember something peculiar about change that Dr. Myles Munroe once said: he said: “Change is divided into four category, and they are: Change that happen to us, Change that happens around us, Change that happens within us and the change we initiate” and looking at the world now, I can see the great hand of change.

There is a point in our life when we will experience change whether we are in desire it or not. If we react to the change when it comes through fear, anger, worry, doubts, then the change controls us and becomes our master. But when we respond to the change with wisdom, faith, determination and diligence, then we become the wheel that steers it to our own beneficial location.

Change will happen to us; it might be in our business, career or profession, and when it comes we must be ready to embrace it, so we can rise higher on the ladder of life. 
Change will happen around us, sometimes we can control it, but most times we can't. We must learn not to give worry and fear hold over us, but learn to find a way out of every situation life throws at us. 

Change will happen within us; this aligns with our mental, social, psychological, physical and spiritual growth. In this aspect, we must diligently seek to change that we may become a person of worth and a leader worth following. 

And change will happen when we initiate it; man is a being of will and choice and we make use of it to create our own paths through the highway of life.

There is one peculiar thing about change. When change comes, the present changes and doesn’t resemble the past. Most people are comfortable where they are, and not ready to pay the price to move forward.

What do we want our future to look like? 

Do we want it to look beautiful and mild?

Or we want it to look dark and devoid of life?

Our reaction or response to change when it comes will determine what kind of future we will make for ourselves.

In God’s Love,
©Okunola Peace.