I have found a sweet thing—
Ìfé to dún bì ọ̀yìn.
When my hand rest on my belly,
I can feel your tiny kicks
That tickles me from within
And makes ẹ̀rín bubbles out of my mouth.

We share the same dreams,
We share the same feelings—
And our bond of love is made stronger
By the cords that joins us together.
Kádàrá has smiled on me
And given me a child of destiny
Who would be divine like ẹyẹ àdàbà
And sweet like àjàrà in the garden.

I want to feel you in my arms,  
I want to hear you cry and laugh, 
I want to watch ọmọ mì grow,
And hear you say maamì.
Come with the light of heaven 
And the divinity of creativity 
Whether in writing, art, music or dance. 
I will be a responsible abiyamo
To correct you in our African ways
And teach you to pray on bended knees. 

May Ọlódùmarè protect you, 
And may ìrì orun rest upon you
That I may never cry over you! 
The time of the season moves slowly.
Aago! Move quickly
That I may see ọjú arewà mì
That I know deep inside
Is more beautiful than àyè herself. 
Aago! Run with tireless might 
That I may birth my beloved child
And rejoice in the memories 
We make together as seasons pass by. 

Dùdùké — The love a woman has for her unborn child.

Ìfé to dún bì ọ̀yìn — Love that is sweet like honey 

ẹ̀rín — Laughter 

Kádàrá — Fate 

ẹyẹ àdàbà — Dove

àjàrà — Grapes 

ọmọ mì — My child

maamì — My mother 

abiyamo — Mother 

Ọlódùmarè — God

ìrì orun — Dew of heaven

ọjú arewà mì — The eyes of my beloved 

Aago — Time

àyè — The world 

©Okunola Peace.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kenzo.
      It is good to show our love to the world.

  2. Nicely penned... I always enjoy your works. Keep it up brother, may your wonderful pen continue to bleed.

    1. I appreciate it emmy.
      I will definitely add more grease to my elbow.