I am your friend
And your handsome lover.
You are my friend
And the maiden I admire.

I have whispered
Of your love to the moon
Till the shades are brightened
With the sisters of noon.

I saw you beneath the willow tree
That billows like your great green skirt
And your curly raven hair
That blows to the touch of wind.

I have told the hills
Of the stories your eyes tell
And the songs your lips sing—
And they all want to see you.


I am the rosy rose of the morning
That caressed your handsome face
With the tips of my fingers.

Until you came into my life
No man knows my beginning
Or the secrets I never told another soul.

Your presence is a cure to me
And the letters you sent
Are a balm to my wounds.

I have told my sisters
Of the heavyweight knight
That found the keys of my heart.

©Okunola Peace.