Obìnrin dùdù bì ọ̀sú,
Ìbàdí aràn mí —
Tì ọ ba sọrọ̀,
A ma dun bi omi ti nrú ninu okuń.

In the presence of the morning light,
You gave me three kisses
That I may make three wishes
To seal the moment of our love.

I once thought my queen
Would forever remain in my dreams,
But you came with orin dìdún
That I may come alive in your arms
That are soft like àdìrè mama mì.

Come and be my lovely flower
That I may be the shade that covers you.
Come and be my pretty damsel
That I may be the shawl the adorns 
Your skin, smooth like the flesh of iyemòjá.


Obìnrin dùdù bì ọ̀sú - Woman black as ebony. 

 Ìbàdí aràn mí - One with buttocks for velvet clothing. 

Tì ọ ba sọrọ̀ - When she talks 

A ma dún bi omi ti nrú ninu omi okuń - She sounds like the water that swirls in the ocean.

Orin didun - sweet song.

Àdìrè - a Yoruba silk or material.

Mama mi - my mother.

Iyemòjá - Goddess of the sea.

©Okunola Peace.


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    1. Thank you sir.
      It is important to bring out the beauty of our heritage with words that spills from our pen.