I have been given the robe of purpose
At the dawn of my birth
That I may be fruitful and multiply–
That I may smile at life
And leave my mark on the stone of mankind.

I have tilled the ground of life
And planted in the brown soil of the earth.
I have inhaled the sweet incense of faith–
I searched O! I searched the earth
Till I found the song of consistency.

Water of process I may drink–
Venison of growth I may eat,
But when the wind of time blows
And the bell of success rings–
I know that my reward awaits me.

When a thousand falls on my right
And ten thousands fall on my left–
Be my shield at all times
Against the death that feasts in the day
And the terror that hunts in the night.

Remember me
When the immortals meet.
Do not forget me
When the seal is broken
And the book of reward is opened.

Fate! The bead of grace
That rests on my mortal neck–
Pave my path through life
And become the amulet of safety
That guides my heart.

©Okunola Peace.


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    1. Thank you very much Sam.
      I am glad to know you enjoyed it and learnt something.