Come I sing—
Come with your tender hearts
And your bright eyes of love.
Come I sing—
Come with your open hearts
To hear a poem of life.

I found fortune in her eyes
And guidance in her smile.
When she laughs, the heaven opens
And pour down her blessings.
When she sings, eternal songs
Fill the space of the earth.

She is sweet like honey
And with this same sweetness,
She makes African dishes
That brings the great gods down
From their eternal throne—
Her meals are so special,
That I love to eat at her table,
Even my aged mother says so!

She is divine like an angel,
And with this same divinity,
She creates beautiful things
That has never been seen.
She is a caring sister
And a tender-eyed princess
That every great and noble king
Will want to make his only queen.

Have you seen her hazel palms
Etched with the lines of a bright fate?
Have you see her hazel hands
And the jewels she creates with them?
I have searched the universe—
Yeah! I have walked the paths of life
O! I looked O! How I searched
But I ne'er found anyone like you—
You are arèwá didárá
Ti baba ati mama fín yàngàn.

arèwá didárá - Beauty unseen

Ti baba ati mama fín yàngàn - Someone whose father and mother are proud of.

©Okunola Peace.