Her beauty is everywhere—
I hear her voice in the wind,
And when the choir sings,
I can still hear her sweet voice.

When I roam the world,
Her smell is everywhere—
Aye! Only her smell of porridge
Tickles my mortal senses.

Have you seen her dance,
When she molds flour into shape?
And bake them in the oven
To make akara that drips sweetness
And make our taste buds come alive.
Have you seen her joy
When she is on the quest for knowledge?
She is a rare diadem
That every man will want
To have as their only wife.

I can see her big heart
In the love she denies no one.
Who will hear her song of love,
And not smile to the voice of her bravery?
Today, the sky is bright
And I see her beautiful smile.
Today, the sky is cloudy
And I can still see her peace—
It curls and dances around her
As fireflies dance around lilies.
And so, I know it with all my heart
That when tomorrow comes
On the broad wings of time,
You will still be smiling that smile
That makes everyone to smile.

OLÁWÀNÍARÀMI - I am full of wealth.
Akara - Bean cakes.

©Okunola Peace.