Pearls are products of biological processes in oysters. As an oyster undergoes the process of growth, its shell must also grow. 
The process involves the mantle creating a material from the oyster’s food, the mantle is the organ that produces the oyster’s shell. 

Pearl is a beautiful mineral that has its worth in gold; it is a product of the oyster's perseverance.

The oyster gets irritated when unwanted substance gets into its shell and to end the irritation, it covers the substance with the material that it excretes, and this new object that is formed is what is called a pearl. Yeah! The mantle covers the irritant with the same material that the oyster’s shell is created from.

I am sure that if you ask an oyster if it likes unwanted substances getting into its shell, it will say No! But if its wish is granted, how will a pearl be made?

It is the same thing with human beings, everything is created for a purpose. Every irritation in our life is something God is going to use to make something beautiful out of our life. That anger, lies, pride, wickedness, situations, limitations and many more are irritants that God is going to remove to make us better. 

Just like the oysters that makes something good, precious and beautiful out of her irritant that is the same way we should make something good out of our irritations.

Most times, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, circumstances that belittle our status and level in and through life, but over time, I have also come to learn that where there is no experience, there is bound to be mistakes and abuse. 

Life will throw many things at us, and at times, invade our personal space. Yes! There are times to thrive to free oneself from the limitation of the situation, but other times, we must be patient with God to help us make something beautiful out of situations beyond our control.

Why do we have to be patient when life lifts us by our shoulders and place us where we don’t necessarily want to be? Because it takes time to grow. It takes time to learn, it takes time to adapt. It takes time to create something beautiful. It takes time to perfect an invention. It also takes time to build a stable empire.

And as we learn to stay, learn, grow and adapt, may God grant us the grace to be patient till we are within the borders of our promise land, flourishing with the light that only the presence of God can bring.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.