Once upon a time, a man went to an exhibition to see the artworks on display and to find out if any of the piece would speak to his creative mind.

The journey to the exhibition center took him many days, but he made it there on time; lodged into a hotel and waited for the event.
The day of the exhibition finally arrived and individuals with different taste were present, they sat down and waited for the event to begin. 

To while away time, conversations were ignited; acquaintances were made and bonds were formed, others laughed and shared jokes, but this man sat all by himself, waiting for the show to begin, he was a man of purpose.

Finally, the exhibition began and the antiques to be sold were unveiled. 

This man started his survey around the room, searching for a piece that sang to him, but it was to no avail, as he was about to give up, 
he found a blue vase tucked in the corner of the room where only few noticed it, and those who did were unarmored by its beauty.

The man called one of their hosts and asked “Why is this vase over here and not out there?” “Because it is not colorful, it is just a blue vase” the host replied. “But that expounds its beauty and equity” the man said excitedly. 

The host was not moved “If you are so interested in it, we will allow you to buy it at a fair price” the host said and unlocked the glass cube that held the blue vase.

As soon as the door was unlocked, the man excitedly dipped his right hand in, but as he was about to grasp the cup in his hand, the vase talked for the first time after many years of being silent “Stop!”


“But why?” The man asked, confusion evident on his face. 

“Because I was not always this blue and beautiful” The vase said. 

“Really? How is that possible?” The man asked.

“I was once mud until the potter found me” The vase reiterated.

“He said I had a purpose, and that he could see it, so he scooped me up and took me to his workshop where his Potter's wheel laid" the vase continued.

“I am listening” The man said, utterly intrigued by the vase’s tale.

“He took me and started making me into this blue vase, and when he was done the first time, I was brown and dark when he stopped spinning, but that was not all, I had a lump the size of coconut where my handle now is! I thought that was enough, maybe I will be useful to someone, but he said that was just the beginning. He took me to the wheel and started spinning again, taking part of me again until I thought nothing will be left off me” The blue vase continued.

“I thought that was all, but he didn’t stop there, he took a nasty looking substance and started rubbing it on me, it scratched me, and discomforted my earthy nature. At a point, I believe I fell asleep and when I woke up after he was done, I felt light and different. I told the potter my observation. He just laughed and placed a mirror in my line of sight and behold, that was how I was created” The blue vase ended the story with a flourish.

“Wow! Thank you for this O’ talking blue vase, I just learnt that everything beautiful gets to that point by paying a price” the man said.

“So, will you be mine, O’ blue talking vase?” he asked

“Gladly, now that you know the measure of my worth, I am sure you will treat me well”…

So you see friends, everything beautiful didn’t become beautiful on the first day of creation. To be exceptional in our line of action, we have to make peace with the uncomfortable situations that will come our way.

The same way the blue vase didn’t know that it could leave its natural state, mentality and level of value, that is the same way we think at times, but when the potter who is God comes into our life, he will prune, add, shape and bring out the best in us that will make generations to come remember the impact we left on the world.
Yeah! The potter will bring out our hidden beauty that our life may be meaningful and that we may shine bright, brighter than the sun that sits on the throne of space like an eternal monarch.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.


  1. This is a beautiful piece, Peace. Hey! That rhymes and I'm not a poet..hehehe..I absolutely loved it. More grace.

    1. Indeed Mercy.
      I'm deeply touched that you liked it, we are all spinning in one way or the other on the Potter's wheel.
      May God help us to be patient throughout the process.

  2. Wow,so beautiful, really taught me that a man should be patient in his place of making and for everyone born to fulfill purpose,u must pass through ur place of making,it might not be always pleasant but u will come out branded. really love this bro,more wisdom and grace

    1. Indeed.
      Thank you for bringing out the nuggets in concise words.