Long before the development of the elevator, transporting people over hills, coal mines and higher altitudes was not possible. The available means led to causalities thereby birthing a burden in man's soul. Invention began and in the industrial era the elevator was invented.

Have you ever been in an elevator before? It is a vertical transportation machine that moves people or loads between floors, levels or decks of a building, vessel or other structures.

There is something uplifting about being in a lift when it starts to ascend. You're lifted through a complicated system of cogs, wheels and wires that you cannot see or comprehend, it lifts you higher making the world below smaller until it appears like dots.

When you enter a lift, it is flushed with the ground level and everything looks normal. You would never have imagined that such a structure has the ability to lift you to great heights, you press a button from among the numerous ones on the wall and the lift starts moving and in a moment or heartbeat, it gets you to your destination.

This is similar to our lifting process with God. In a moment we are just on the ground, until God presses the button on the walls of our lives and lifts us on the wings of his unmerited grace. The button he presses might be a new level, a new breakthrough, a new idea, a shower of blessings, a new hunger for the presence of God, a saving strength, a saving anointing etc.

And the beautiful thing is that God is always leading and lifting us, we might not see it or notice that we are rising, but we are rising with purpose. The same way a lift moves higher to unimagined heights in a  building is the same way God builds us from within so that when we finally gets to our destiny point, we are ready and firm on our most holy foundation.

Have I told you that when God presses a button of lifting in our life, nothing can stop it? The forces of darkness will raise their crumbling shadow of discouragement, fear, limitation, anger, depression, lack, but if we stay with God, never turning back against all odds, he will make something beautiful out of us that the world has never seen. The same way people are still in awe when they climb an elevator and it lifts them higher, is the same way people will be when they see the wonders of God’s making in our life.

And as we are patient with the lifting time of God, may he crown us with Glory and Grace.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.