We live in a world where nature seems to find expression everywhere. 

I remember those days whenever my mother wants to prepare any African dish, she will head to our little garden behind the house and pluck the leaves off the branches of a vegetable, sometimes, she doesn’t pluck the leaves, but all the ripe fruits hanging on the branches, and when she is done, I will sometimes look at these plants, and wonder if anything good will still come out of them, but in days to come, the leaves and fruits would have sprouted again and begin to blossom.

And this constantly surprises me. What about you? You wonder too, right?


A vine is an interesting plant that holds many secrets and ideas within it. A vine is plant of potentials; we see branches shooting out of the vine when she grows and spread out her potentials in form of branches, seeds and fruits.

Have you admired a vine before? I am sure you have, and in the process of admiring this interesting plant, you have admired her branches, right?

But the most important part is not the branches that the fruits of the vine are connected to, but the vine herself. If you decide to trim and clip off the branches off the vine, the branches will definitely fall in your presence, and you might feel remorse and wonder if anything good will still come out of the vine.

When you trim green leaves or fruits off a plants, you must realize that they are getting their life from the vine. Yes! They are getting their life from the roots that has rooted herself deep into the ground and created a network that will not just pique the interest of any gardener, but amaze them in the process.

Thus, we realize that branches cannot live without their source. Yes! Life will come to a place of extinction when separated from the source.

I look at mankind, and our growth in life, and I see this principle evident in everything. Everything upon the face of the earth has a source, and we will be fools if we believe otherwise. Look at the way of the world for example, the grasshopper feeds on the grass, the rat feeds on the grasshopper in turn, but that is not all, the snakes feed on the rats, and the eagle feeds on the snake, and the circle continues, never ending. If any of these creatures decide to go against their fallen nature and not feed on another animal, they will deteriorate until they die. 

So, who is the source?

The source is God of course. 

Everything was in God; the plants, dogs, fishes, birds, lions, four-footed creatures, reptiles etc. they were all in God until he spoke them forth. We might not see it, but everything came from God; the internet, furniture, appliances, guns, machineries, ideas, innovations, were all sourced from God; he decided to speak them forth through us, and we must live everyday with this consciousness and understanding.

When God says that he is the true vine, and that we cannot bear fruit of ourselves unless we abide in him, we must understand that he is right. Because when we abide in the vine, we will bear much fruits. 

Yes! We will birth ideas, innovation, books, virtues, character, love, peace, joy and many more things that eyes has not seen nor ears has heard.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.


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    1. Thank you very much...
      It brings me joy that you find it insightful and truthful.