She was sleeping there,
Her light illuminating the lilies.

"Hello again, firefly, I said"

"And hello to you again friend, she said"
Opening her flamy eyes and not flying away.

She rose on her wings to balance in the air
And shed her golden light on the lilies.

"You are not running away,
I noticed you are avoiding me, I said"

"There is awe in your eyes when you see me,
But there is envy in there too" she said.

Oh! I said, embarrassed.

"Humans kill, while we enjoy it.
Humans walk the earth, while we fly" she said.

Oh! I said. I finally understood.

"Humans worry about everything,
While we just live the moment" she said.

And she rose on her golden wings,
For she was now old and stricken,
Her light shining brighter and brighter
As she glided away into the night.

©Okunola Peace.