Have you held a seed before in your hands? Ever looked at it and wonder how small it looked? I am sure you have. But have you dwelled on its smallness and the capacity to one day bear fruits?

I have seen many seeds planted in the ground, and the harvest they bring in the future never cease to amaze me, farmers can testify to this. It is the principle behind their success.

I was walking through the woods a long time ago and I came across a large clearing full of large tall trees. For acres and acres as far as I could see, there were these beautiful trees, with their green garment of trees blowing gently in the wind, and fruits hanging on their branches. 

The area was wide, it would be good for tourism, or it could be a good spot for relaxation, and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere that the forested area can afford.

And one thing I find amazing is that all those big and beautiful trees all started from a tender stage, they were all small, a seed that was planted, or that came to be buried in the soil through erosion, land settlements or other natural process. 

Who would have ever looked at a seed in his or her hands and wonder if it has the capacity to grow large and be a benefit to the world? Not many, I guess. 

This is the same way with God who was there when we were small and our outward look held little or no potential held us in the palm of his hands; he could see deep within us and the untapped potentials that lies within us? Yes, God is a faithful God that has planted everything we need to become who we need to be, all we have to do is to nurture and grow that seed.

"But I don’t have any potential within me? I am just a normal human being." You say.

I assure you that it is the opposite. 

You are special, and full of potentials you are yet to grow to your fullest being. You are tall, and can jump; that is a potential. You can talk, and craft tales that will make the mind fantasize; that is a potential. You have a mind for calculations; that is a potential. You are naturally good with children; that is a potential. You self-taught yourself how to play that musical instrument; that is a potential, and there are many more from where this came from.

I am sure you are thinking about that skill that you have overlooked, right?

And do you know that there are some skills that we cannot see, but those that surrounds us can see within us?

Yes! That is why we must surround ourselves with people of excellence, beauty and character. People that will behold us and see the potentials within us, or that skills we have taken for granted, and not seeing its extraordinary power, and the need to maximize it.

We need to remember that every food that becomes a source of sustenance started from the basic form of being a seed, before it undergoes the process of growth and grow to bear fruits that we pluck and harvest.

When you hold a seed in your hand, you are also holding a forest that is yet to come into manifestation, so bring out your seeds today that they may grow to become a forest of great and mighty things.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.


  1. This is a masterpiece ��

    Thanks ��

    1. High praise coming from you friend.
      I appreciate it, may we all become a masterpiece in the hands of God and to our generation.