Lover of loneliness!

Lover of restlessness!

Where are you?

Come O! come to me

And rid me of my company.

Will the sun still charm my eyes

With her light and starry smile?

Will the night still spring from the deep

With sweet tales on his ancient lips?

Will happiness still kiss me,

With all her longing sighs?

Will joy still hold my youthful hands

And take me to the realm of laughter?

Will peace still dance around me,

Like the days of old?

Or will I become a lonely and old

Flower until the day I wither and die?

All I see is doom, knocking on my door,

With thunder and lightning in tow,

And when I look closely,

I catch a glimpse of sorrow

In her rustling skirt of black.

O! Woven light of Zion,

Where are you?

O! Ivory daughters of mine,

Come and save me,

Before my songs of hope are lost.

© Okunola Peace.