A gardener is an expert in designing gardens in order to keep the plants in the garden growing.

A gardener is someone who knows when to plant at every season, as certain temperatures conditions are unfavorable to the growth process of a plant. 

A gardener must learn to maintain the health of a garden and harvest the plants when the time is right, and to do this, a gardener must know the time to water, fertilize and weed the area around a plant.

A gardener knows when to clip some plants, and remove dead plants from the area, but other times, these dead plants serve a purpose, and a gardener knows when to turn them to compost and use them to fertilize the plants.

Clip, clip, clip of the branches, the gardener clips…

The gardener is a wise and dedicated person that knows better than the plants. When the plants say don’t clip my parts, the gardener knows that listening will only cause the dead parts of the plants to corrupt the good parts, so he clips. The plant might grumble and mumble, but in the days to come when the plant has grown and her branches flutter in the air, she will remember that the gardener has done her a great favor in the past.

You are seeing where I am going with this, right? Laughs! I am sure you are…

You might be wondering “What does a gardener has to with me”, right? It describes you because you have a gardener in your life whether you realize it or not.

So, who is your gardener? God, of course.

God is an expert when he created this garden called earth. He was dedicated when he created each and everyone one of us with our seeds and amazing features. He put us where he wants us to be because he knows that any other place will be unfavorable or will not manifest his desires over us in that season of our life.


But the most amazing thing I want to bring out is that he knows the right time to clip, clip, clip… 

Yes! He knows when to clip those relationships, habits, bad characters, misbehaviors, bad manners etc, out of our life. He also knows when to use those parts of us that needs clipping to lead us on the path of growth.

God does not immediately clip off some branches out of our life, he waits till the appointed time when the pruning won’t affect our growth pattern.

A parable in the book of Matthew of the Bible shows us that “While men slept, the evil one came to sow” and when the gardener found out about this, he didn’t tell his workers to uproot them at that point, No! He told them to wait till the appointed time.

Now, my question is this – 

Have you given the gardener a chance to clip off those branches that impeded your growth? Please do! By surrendering your life to him…

Because if you don’t, some of those branches will disfigure your image, and limit your influence in life. 

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.


  1. Thank for the reminder? It's well noted!'
    More grace and power to you!

    1. Thank you very much, noble sir.
      I appreciate the prayer.

    2. Thank you very much, noble sir.
      I appreciate the prayer.