He was born small

But had a big vision,

So he shared his love

With joy and kindness.

He sniffed at cruel jokes

But smiled at all times,

Whistling wherever he goes

Of times of light and laughter—

He became a mystery to men

Who waited for a downfall unseen.

While men seek destruction,

He tread the path of salvation;

He shunned corruption

And suffered, but beared it with joy;

He tilled his garden

And served without strife—

He spoke like God

But slept at unusual hours.

And when he was old and stricken,

He was seen walking the beach

At night with his only wife

When his children are not around—

He smiled, and she smiled too

As if they were surrounded by peace,

And when they retire every night,

Young men and women watch them pass

And vow within themselves to be great,

Not for themselves, but for the age to come.

© Okunola Peace.