Do you remember the last time you gave your friend a gift? How does it feel? I am sure you derived joy from it, your smile was as wide as ever, right?

Do you remember the last time you surprised a friend with a birthday present? You derive happiness from seeing your friend happy, right?


Because we live in a world where we all interdepend on one another.

We are all different in our making, beautiful in our uniqueness, filled with treasures we cannot enjoy alone. For instance, if you have the ability to sing, the true blessing of your ability to sing is when you share it with others and they can derive meaning, joy and beauty from the song you sing. Keeping it all to yourself will destroy the blessing it is supposed to give to the world.

Let us cite another instance, look at Pythagoras, the Father of Mathematics, if he had kept all his formulas and equations to himself, it wouldn’t have benefited the world the way it does now, seeing as we use his formulas and equations in virtually everything.

If you have a farm where you grow vegetables and fruits, you will realize you won't be fulfilled until you decide to sell some of them, and watch others benefit from them. 

When we expose our treasure and give bountifully, we will always reap bountifully, you know, our harvest will be pressed down and shaken together.

Men of greed cannot rule the world, only givers do and this is because they sow into the life of others, unraveling the beauty, meaning and light within them.

The same way the beauty of the sun is not seen until the sun decides to expose her light to the world is the same way the treasure within you will not bless the world unless you expose it to the world, then you can start treading the path of purpose, wealth, beauty, meaning and peace.

You disagree? Well, let me show you!

No one is born seedless, we are all born with potentials that is meant to change the world around us. When you see a seed, you also see a forest, but it takes a process of time for this to come to full manifestation. When you see a cub, you also see a lion whose roar can shake the jungle, but it takes a process of time for the lion to grow into his full stature.

As God is a God of process, so are we also a being of process and we must start investing in ourselves to bring out the treasure within us. All the treasures within us are not placed there for our benefits alone, they are placed there so we can bless others through them.

We sell products and services because fulfillment comes when others benefit from it. Let your own treasure become the next product and services the world need to benefit from.

If the young lad had withheld his loaves and fishes from Jesus, thousands would have starved. If John had not become the voice that cried in the wilderness, who would have heralded the Messiah! If a man had not used the strength he possessed to carry the cross of Jesus, Jesus’ purpose would have never been fulfilled. 

Or if Elizabeth or Mary had aborted the child in their womb, what would have been the fate of the world today? 

So, expose your treasure today and be a blessing to the world around you.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.