The shadow covers everything—
And over the mountain peak
The sheet of ice are falling.

In the corridor of ancient paths
Where the light is golden—
The air is bliss and strange,
Even the lofty heights and rifted peaks
Are etched with the passage of time.

Changeless and boundless in might—
I can see your regal base
Where the trees glow green.

I found the cavern of power
Where mysteries are born—
A cavern of dazzling sights,
Shimmering skies and flickering lights—
Where sunlight rarely drizzles
And moonlight hardly falls.

Come and see! Can you see it?
I have finally found the heights
Where forgotten dreams dwell
And the restless wind cries and wails.
Aye! I have finally found the Oasis
Where the waters are white as snow
And speak many unspeakable things.

©Okunola Peace.