Seedless fruit are developed to possess immature seeds, making their consumption easier and convenient. Over the years, scientists have developed many different seedless varieties of fruits to make them more convenient to eat. There are many ways seedless fruit are created, the popular among them are cross pollination and grafting.

A seedless fruit has only one downside, it cannot be planted, because there is no seed within it.

On a beautiful weekend, you are sitting in front of your house, under a shade, and you wish for nothing better than to feed on a juicy watermelon or grapes, but you dread the comfort of spitting out the seeds, but miraculously, through the help of science, here comes seedless watermelon and grapes, you are happy, right? So you pile a plate full with slices of watermelon and a bowlful of grapes. It is like a dream come true and you sink your teeth into the fresh and juicy seedless fruit.

But if we sit down and think about the one downside these seedless fruit has, we will realize that we derive a momentary pleasure but lose a transgenerational benefit for that product, which is the type of fruits.

Maybe this is how animals and plants have gone extinct in the past, who knows?

The fruit is sweet, fresh and juicy, pleasing to eat, bursting sweetness on our tongue, but it lacks the potential to transfer its gifts of multiplication to another generation.

Yes! Gifts of multiplication is in the seed and not in the fruit.

So, life is going to throw some things at us, golden opportunities that we must grab and use very well. The skills and talents we have been given, and that we are developing are our seeds. 

But the question is, do we maximize it? Do we think of the future?

Futuristic plans are what births goals, dreams and visions. The future is ahead of us, and most of the times, the river of life might not steer us into the current we like or prefer. 

Also, there will be times of momentary pleasure, time when our skills bring momentary gifts, so we enjoy it. It is good that we do! But we must not forget where we are going and lose focus of what lies ahead.


So we must learn to adapt, we must learn to think, we must learn to accept, and not make excuses, we must learn to take control of our situations, and not leave it to luck, we must learn to use the adverse situations we find ourselves in to build, groom and grow our seeds, so that it can one day become a forest of fruits that will be of benefit to nations.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.