The breeze stirred the yellow leaves

And the birds that sang all day long

Curled upon themselves and sang not

As the shadows rose higher and higher

And the light barely creeped away.

The dust of sorrow reddened my eyes

And the comforting person of hope

That clinged affectionately to me

Also took a train of flight

As she spread her skirt of pink in goodbye.

There is a warm and golden feeling

That fills the soul and spirit

When the heart is merry

And the face is not cracked up

By thoughts flying freely in mind's lofty hill.

The vigil I yearned for

Like a hungry man

Became my greatest enemy

So I lumbered in the opposite direction,

My head down, not looking back.

I looked for the sweet summer sight of the sun

And the silver silent smile of the moon

I searched and searched

Until every part of my mortal body

Was drenched in sweat, Aye! I panted!

And in my distress,

I remembered the visage of joy—

A glimpse of undreamt mysteries,

When you see her in the morning,

Her cascading figure sheds light

Of spring's deep green and summer's gold

And if you cross her path in the night,

Her arresting figure sheds light

Of authum's brown and winter's startling blue.

When I looked up from my mourning,

And saw joy coming closer,

Her hands open and inviting,

I wept in joy and sang—

O Joy! My dearest friend

Whose light clothes and mends—

I missed your scattering light,

Scattering light to make me wise,

Scattering light to make me smile,

Scattering light to make me laugh,

'Come O come and never leave!' I cried.

© Okunola Peace.