Swimming is an exhilarating experience. Do you agree?

It refreshes you and helps you cool off. For most of the populace, we head to the stream, river or lake with our swimsuits, bathing caps and kickboards. 

I am sure you are remembering a swimming experience of yours, and happily chuckling.

Swimming has become a popular form of exercise through which you can stretch and build your body by subjecting it to various stretching strokes. 

For people who are expert swimmers, you will realize that it is easier to swim downstream than to swim upstream because when swimming downstream you have the advantage of the current, all you have to do is to follow it, allowing it to guide you.

And this is true about life.

It is easier to go along with the crowd than choosing not to follow the crowd.

Life is like the ocean, she is vast and ready to consume us if we don’t swim and navigate the current. She seeks to drown us and lead us astray. The world we now live in is broken, and it is structured in such a way that it seeks to control us. 

Yes! The world desires to control our thoughts, our actions, our mindsets, our goals in life, our character, what we think is right and wrong etc. and if we don’t settle in the driver’s seat of our life, the world will gladly take the responsibility upon herself and we will not like the outcome at the latter end.

Social psychology reveals to us that we are always in communication with our environment which tends to influence us.

But if other people do it that means it is right, isn't it? 
Not at all time.

One cannot live a life where you do everything others around you want you to do. There is a wiring to you that makes you different, and following the crowd might not help you to discover it, and enjoy life through it. 

We live in a complex world and most times, following what others do helps us to function in a complex world. People follow the crowd when they are in doubt. People follow the crowd when they have no conviction, and live in fear.

But is there a right crowd or path to follow? Indeed, there is.

I always like to say: “Follow God and God will show you who to follow or he will make people follow you.”

And I believe that is the right decision to take in life, what about you? I think you do too, right?

Because God created us, and in the process of creation, he knew how we need to live and enjoy life to its fullest.

So, friend let God lead you through the path of life where goodness and freedom contently dwells, and as he leads you, your path will continue to shine brighter and brighter.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.