Writing this article, I had a smile on my face, with my fingers dancing in eagerness, and my mind in a state of giddiness, in summary, I feel the rushing of the joy I experience whenever I want to tell a story. Do follow the memory lane of a word enthusiast!

So, before the year winded down, I went on a small journey to a distant place, just to be alone with God and with my maker. I had a long journey in my life, and I have come to realize that it is better to take another year and run its full course with a word from God.

And I am a person of revelation, I try my best to be sensitive to every moment and time that passes by. So, I had just arrived at my destination, less than an hour when I was approached by a young man about my age. I could smell hunger on him because I know what it is to be hungry. 

I wanted to turn away and go my way. I came there to be alone and not to build association or acquaintance, but life is like a magnet, we all attract life wherever we go, whether we like it or not.

I couldn’t stop myself from looking back and not going my way. I gave him audience and he told me about his need for assistance. So, I brought out my wallet and gave him a token. After he left, I felt a little bad at myself because of my reluctance at first, a situation like this is something I come across every day and I was unsatisfied in my spirit. 

"Why does the darkness never seem to end?"
This thought lingered in my head till I settled into my bed in the hostel at night, but at one point I was distracted by other things and my mind shifted to something else. 

And that evening, I stepped out to purchase at least a half bag of water and some fruits, possibly one or two snacks, and my destination was a place I was familiar with, so I headed to the nearest vendor, gently sipping water from my water bottle.

Fortunately, when I got to the vendor’s shop, I met the owner of the shop, a woman in her early fifties. I told her what I wanted. And she told me the particular good has been exhausted, and my response was a “Wow”. It will take me another few minutes to walk to another shop, and I had already finished drinking the content of my water bottle.

So, I thanked her and turned, ready to dredge up strength to move to the next shop when she called out to me. In her outstretched arm, she had a sachet of water there which she gave me for free. I thanked her and went my way.

Looking back now, I realized that there is always going to be a person close to you. It might be a friend, a stranger stranded with no resources at the moment or someone who just needs what you have to offer. 

My whole point is that we should learn to be a hand, a shoulder, a smile, a gift, an advice that someone close to you can rely upon whenever they need it. What do you think? I think you think the same too, right?

In God’s Love,
Peace Okunola.