Story! Story!
I have a story for you! Yes, you!

And I'm excited to tell. I hope you are excited to read.

So, NEPA decided to give us light this evening. By the time I looked up again, I realized it was getting dark, probably because I was enjoying reading the story of samuel in the bible.

So, before night will come knocking the earth with his full might, I decided to buy something before I'm engrossed in something else, and I have to take cassava flour as dinner. 

I don't know why it's usually when I want to buy food that I come across funny scenes. I'm sure it's for the best.

So, let me not loose focus, I was on my way to buy food.

Guess which food?

The food is beans.

Beans is the food adorned with the sweetness and richness of protein. When I see beans, I want to support it with bread. 

So, onward I go, on my way to buy beans. And there's this woman in my neighborhood that only sells beans at night. Yes! Night beans is delicious! 

I'm sure we all are familiar with the term 'my customer'.
And I'm one of her favorite customer.
So my own food is always plenty when compared to the amount I requested for. 

And since I am a gentleman, I took my time, a lady came after me, when it was my turn, I told her to order, distracted as I stared at a picture on my phone, almost laughing.

So, I finally bought the beans from my favorite black skinned seller.

I appreciate black beauties. Don't ask me why. But the moment I started reaching for the beans packed in a disposable takeaway.

Something happened....

How many of you know those that are called Vulcanizer??
Those guys are hardworking mehn! A round of applause for them.

So, close to the place where I am buying beans, a vulcanizer shop was two shops away.

As I was reaching for my beans, already thinking about how I will sit down like a king and devour it, the hose being used to pump air into a tyre removed while the generator was working...

The sound was like bomb.
I was like, finally, boko haram has invaded Lagos, let me carry my beans and run for my life. 

I can run o. If I remember correctly, I came second for a 100 meters race in high school. 

The boy apprentice working with the man took flight instantly, one minute, he was holding the tyre, the next it was as if he was never there. Laughs!

But the Vulcanizer did the opposite. He calmly walked around the pipe and switched off the generator.

While we were all laughing at the scene, one woman who noticed the flight of the boy apprentice said something striking 'Nobody really wants to die'.

And it made me remember something a friend told me. He said 'Our true selves do not want to die, that for instance, when we block our nostrils, we will see our bodies start fighting for air'.

That's when I realize the essence of life. Health is wealth!

Only a man that has not fallen sick before will trivialize health and its importance to the continuity of life.

So, the lesson here is to always be careful. But not just that, be exceptional at whatever you're doing. If not for the wealth of experience the vulcanizer had, I might be sharing a different story with you today.

Thank you!

Peace Okunola,
In God's love.