I love looking nice, I am sure you do too. And it is because of this that we iron our clothes. However, some of us don’t have the time to iron our clothes ourselves, so we hire others to do this for us, this comes in form of househelp or dry-cleaners.

I was ironing a clothing of mine one day. One of my black trousers to be precise, the best one in my small collection. I had arranged it properly on the pressing table, ironing each side to fineness, until it was smooth and shining. And as I was ironing it, I heard a clicking sound from the iron. I have heard it so many times that I am now used to it, but on this day, it struck me in a different way because I have been thinking about the two assets every human being is born with; our time and mind, at that moment.

I suddenly paused. Watching the iron grow hot and cold, the light switching on and off at intervals with the temperature rise and fall of the iron. And it made me realize something about our mind.

Do you know what I came to realize in this moment?

Our mind is the home of our mindset, working in tandem with the time we have all been given. Our mind attracts the possibility it believes are possible and repels what it believes to be impossible.

So, if a person’s mind can only capture the possibility of living in a rented house and not owning his house? If a circumstance comes his way that makes owning a house possible, his mind will repel it unitl he is back in a rented apartment where his mind is comfortable with. So, just like a hot iron, if a possibility comes along the way of a person and his mind is not ready for it, the same way an iron grows hot until it reaches its limit before shutting down to cool, the man’s mind will accept the possibility until a given point then it will shut down and return to that point it is comfortable with.

Coming to this realization made me remember an old man I was fortunate to have a discussion with while I volunteered for an organization in an event. We were both sitting beside each other, and the position we sat placed us at a vantage point where we could see who entered and exited the building through the main entrance.

So, while we watched, a couple walked in, dressed exquisitely to complement their shapely bodies. They looked wealthy, and walked with a confidence of assurance. The old man looked at me and said “We the average people, we can’t spend money like that, let us eat what we have and not be greedy” I simply smiled in response to his comment.

Why did I just smile?

Because in my own book, the Bible says with God all things are possible. And I believe He doesn’t want me to scrap by and not live to the fullest.

What am I trying to say?

Our mindset goes a long way in determining who we are, who our friends are, what we attract and what we repel. So, let’s strive to build and grow our minds.

In God’s Love,
Peace Okunola.