No one noticed and no one cared
Of the pain that chips away the peace
And joy deep within my heart, once sacred
And hale to the illness of the body.

No one noticed that the usual smile,
That light up my face; comely and mild
Is suddenly gone, dead and forgotten,
And I don't know what's left of that person.

No one noticed the unforeseen fit
That seizes me between its brutal claws
And flings me about like an harmless prey
In a land where there is no peace and law.

No one noticed the tears on my face, weary,
And sad, when the night is dark and silent.
Or the soft cry that escapes my tender lips
Before the red sun soars high to the sky.

But one man knows me when no one did,,
His name is Jesus Christ, the bringer of light.
He shone his light on my way and path,
And brought hope that i never knew before.

©Okunola Peace