The world is gray and stares blindly 
At my world and life stark on the earth 
And now, tired of her listless might:
I will talk and voice out my heart. 

They believe me deaf, weak and infirm 
With no ambition and desire to live,
Because they have forgotten my past life
And the struggle that mould and shape me.

I was not raised in rich and lush castles 
Nor did I ride horses through fields of green 
Or eat foods, tasty and sweet on the lips 
But I was made in silent and secret places. 

They are wrong to find comfort in bondage
For I know the result of pain, hate and rage
And now that I have found love in hope's path, 
None of them will survive my lord's coming wrath. 

I shall refuse to bow and beg beneath their feet,
Until the day my real master shall arise in glory.
For the Lord will set the world afire, 
The mighty hammer that breaks chains asunder. 

©Okunola Peace.