"Life is to be enjoyed, not endured,
I have found that if you love life, life will love you always"

Life is a testing and training ground. When we are born, we're destined to follow the proper channel of maturity, if not, why is there no growth spurt and even for those that mature rapidly when compared to their age, tell me; Does it comes with knowledge spurt?, Do one know all? No, we do not, because we're human and we're meant to learn.

And when one is born, everything does not glitters, even if you were born with a silver spoon. So, if everything does not glitter even for silverspoon-born, what does that tell us. We're all meant to make something out of nothing or should I say from the meager things that is available.

In life, we need to learn to be appreciative of the little that is available to us. There is a beauty in finding value, knowledge, comfort and determination from the little that is available.

A lot of people complain and grumble about the little that is available. They mutter that it is not enough and wish for more and more. But, life is not like that, there is no miracle worker that will just appear from thin air and solve our problems.
We must strive and thrive to earn our keep. For example, a man that has $ 199 can still make something out of it, when compared to another man who does not have a dime. In Nigeria, $199 can still start up a small scale business. So, this tells us that, the little something we have is better than nothing.

Do you know $199 today can become $1999 dollars tomorrow? We just have to believe and work with our faith. I'm sure we all know that "Faith without work avails nothing" So, let's find something in nothing and build it into something beautiful and great and become someone that will make a difference in this disordered world.

May we find our path to excel.

In God's love,
©Okunola Peace.