"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."

Everything in life is two-sided. The nature of man himself is both good and bad. When we are growing up, we see life in an innocent way. We see life then, and wonder when we'll grow up and do what adults do.

Growing up was not easy, but it was worth it. It taught us the skills we needed to navigate this mazelike and perilous world. It taught us the acceptance and lessons found in our mistakes and downfalls.

One of the hard times in our life was when we were growing up and needed to come to terms with the mistakes we made intentionally or unintentionally. Laughs! It was not funny then, we'll lie awake in the night, wondering how we could have made such mistakes and how to make it right. It still happens now, all we need to do is to be very observant and careful and realize that 'An imperfect creature is bound to make mistakes'.

Growing up, the only thing that mostly brings a smile to our face are the memories we made in love, friendship, awkwardness and childish behaviors like anger, hate and tantrums which we count as a normal thing then.  We all hated those that wronged us while we were growing up.

Chuckles! I remember my mum spanking me and twisting my ear when she hears me saying I hated someone. I remember it vividly like it happened today. It was not easy to be rid of the notion, but I'm thankful that I did. Forgiveness is important in the life of any one that wants to move forward. So, I learn to forgive and I believe it's the same for you too.

Look at the sky and you'll see that even the world is growing up ; What does that tells you as a thinker??!

It's simple. We need to grow up. Stagnacy is not something any ambitious man or woman crave for in life. Do you wish to remain static when your mates are breaking through the cloud? Or do you wish to be the Centre point of gravity that others rotate about to find their own Centres?

And to do this, to grow up, to break clouds, to climb mountains and shine from the peak of the world. We need God to help us, because with our own power, we can accomplish nothing.

In God's love,
©Okunola Peace.


  1. Everyday is a growing up day. Nice one

  2. For us to grow up, we need to forgive ourselves and others this empty our hearts and fill it with undiluted joy

  3. 👍👍
    Everyday is a day to grow and strive to do better than before