Art, poems and prose.

My heart is filled with words to the brim
And like a man who wants eat to his satisfaction, 
My words are fruits, ripe to feed on.
The memories of days gone are burning in me, 
Burning like thousands of woods in a hearth, 
And glowing red before they burn-off from the earth.

Men that died to protect their country,
Do they not have their stolen lives to live?
Do they not have a family to protect?
Do they not have a future to build?
And leaders promised to build a better life, 
And I see hope die in the men that saw their lies. 

I've seen the truth of life that makes a whole
Of a great world, filled with different mortals;
They are like swords with both blunt and sharp sides,
Striving and thriving on the same path of life. 
And i ask God a question only he can answer;
How he knew to give us different talents and roles? 

©Okunola Peace