We are the children of the land
Made from the grains of sand
That is brown and full of wealth
That flows over the wide earth.

And on the peak of a brighter morning
When the light refuses to surrender to darkness,
And the joy we feel overshadow our sorrow,
We pray for more better days.

We pray for days of satisfaction
When the garden is full and harvest vast,
When we eat a belly full with more to share,
When we drink to sate our thirst,

We pray for better days of affection
When we share our feelings with friends,
When we share our burdens with family,
Without the fear of weakening our bond of love.

We pray for better days of hope and desires
When we can become the bird of light,
Flying above the pain and disaster of life
To the place we see in our dreams.

We pray for better days of fantasy
When our heart wishes can be given life,
When our dreams can be given breath
To fill out heart with the joy that we crave for.

We hope for a better day,
We strive for a better way,
We continue to fast and pray
That our happy moments may come and stay.

©Okunola Peace