My name is Peace, from Lagos, Nigeria. I would like to be your friend. I don’t know where you are, what you are doing or what you are passing through, but I would like to know the person behind the spotlight.
I live the life of a dreamer, dreaming about what my future will look like as I wake up every day and go about my daily activities. I live my life with God, trusting him to guide and protect me every day, because I don’t believe the security of my country can keep me safe.
I enjoy travelling, I yearn to see more of the world, to see the length and breadth of it and every beautiful wonders the world has to offer, I’m sure you do too, don’t you? Life is not always sweet, but the hope I have of a better tomorrow keeps me going, what about you? I would definitely like to know.
To crown it all, I will like to advise you based on my own experience that you should try your best to live life to the fullest, love your family and friends no matter their infirmities, be hardworking, be humble and be honest and please, no matter what you are going through, never lose your joy, these are what have been helping me stay on course and not lose my sanity and may the good Lord be with you.

Yours Sincerely,
Okunola Peace.