My new story is about how important each and every of our actions are in this world. I hope you enjoy it. And may you be lifted in your heart.

I have a childhood friend who writes to me all the time. The farther away we get from each other in distance, the more closely we become, thanks to the internet.

He is a cute and handsome young man who is opportune to travel some part of the world because of his work and the artistry he has gained in it. He has walked through many corridors of hardship and punch through different doors of struggles and every time we exchange notes, we fortify each other and unburden our days, both the happy and sad moments.

The last time we exchange notes, he asked me a direct and insightful question and the question is: “Do we make a difference with the life we live?”

And while pondering on the question and the reply to give him, I remember a memory of an incident that I was a vivid witness.
I remember visiting the bank on a beautiful sunny morning, trying to make a deposit for an important transaction. I couldn’t transfer the money on my mobile phone because of some new policy the bank mandated on all customers, so I had to do it the old fashion way that morning.

So, on arriving at the bank, it was rowdy as usual and I remembered a pretty lady before me who was looking for a pen to fill in some missing information on her deposit slip. She was agitated and I noticed that she was in a hurry to deposit the cash and flee as fast as her legs can propel her.

She asked an elderly woman beside me, and the next thing I knew, the elderly woman started lecturing her on the benefits of carrying a pen with her everywhere she goes.

I remember dipping my hands in my right-hand side pocket and handing the young lady my pen with a radiant smile on my face. She humbly thanked me and made use of it before returning it to me. It was her expression while making use of the pen that surprised me, for lo and behold, she was smiling. And I wondered that day what my act of borrowing a stranger my pen for a couple of seconds achieved.

And I realized that if I hadn’t reacted in that moment, the additional rebuke to her ego and self-esteem might have been what will have pushed her off the edge of whatever she was trying to manage.

Then I hastily wrote back to my friend that every act of love, every little pat on the back, every soothing words we say and every time we make our shoulder a resting place, we are making a profound impact in the lives of others.

We are all great people, we just have to discover our potentials.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.